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CECILIA MARIA STUDIO is a fine line, micro-realism, and water color tattoo studio.

Cecilia is a proud Ephemeral Tattoo InkTM Sposored Tattoo Artist.
"Made to Fade" in 3 years!
"Ephemeral Tattoo is changing the tattoo landscape." - B Y R D I E
"Get the real deal tattoo experience without the permanent ink." - allure

Visit  for details and inspiration! 

Looking for a unique experience at your next event?
Book our popular 
A real tiny tattoo experience for your guests! 

$150 up to 2.5"
Fine line
Place 2 quarters together end to end and that is your canvas.
Short phrases and tiny illustrations are best.
Traditional or Ephemeral InkTM.


$250 up to 9 sq. inches
Fine line with light shading (if wanted).
Micro-realism and water color are available at an additional cost. 
Your canvas is little bigger than your credit card. Plenty of space to make your mark!

Traditional or Ephemeral InkTM.

$450 up to 20 sq. inches

Complex, detailed with unlimited shading!
Micro-realism and water color are available at an additional cost. 
Your canvas is enough to create a major masterpiece. 

Traditional or Ephemeral InkTM. 

Can I get a “tattoo transformation” or “cover up” of a previous tattoo?

Cecilia Maria Tattoo Studio offers tattoo cover-ups, tattoo-enhancements, and tattoo beautifications. Every situation varies. Please be as descriptive as possible when submitting your tattoo request. 

Can I get a tattoo to cover up my scar?  

Cecilia Maria Tattoo Studio offers scar-beautification/scar cover-up. We can either cover your scar with a design or scar camouflage. Every situation varies. Please be as descriptive as possible when submitting your tattoo request and include photos if possible. 


The final cost of the tattoo is based on the size, detail, design and location on the body where it will be placed. A small tattoo on the ribs may cost more than that same tattoo on an arm. A cover-up of an existing tattoo or paramedical tattooing will cost more than a more traditional tattoo. A touch-up of an existing tattoo may cost less. 

Will my tattoo be custom designed?

Your tattoo will be custom designed creating a unique design just for you.

Designing is done prior to appointment to allow time for input, edits and inspirations.
You will have the opportunity to see your design prior to your appointment. 

Prior to your appointment you will be ask explain your design concept. You may also be encouraged to submit reference images or any items that you feel will be helpful to create your design. 


Is there a booking fee?
There is no booking fee nor design fee. 


Can you tattoo a design I've done?

Yes! But, your design will most likely need to be redesign as a tattoo and will need to be submitted prior to appointment. 

Do I have the option to choose from CECILIA MARIA STUDIO Flash Designs?

Yes. There are many designs and references for you to look at in the Studio. A flash design tattoo can be redesigned and hand illustrated for you.

Is tattooing safe?

CECILIA MARIA STUDIO is a single use / disposable studio. 
The inks the highest quality available and are chosen with client safety in mind. 


What forms of payment is accepted?

We accept cash, credit, Venmo, and payment plans via Afterpay. 

What should I do before my appointment?

Drink water to stay hydrated, and have a lite snack. 

Can I bring a buddy?

Clients love to come with a good friend, relative, or significant other for support and this is encouraged! We have space in the Studio for them to observe the process. We also have numerous cafes and pubs within walking distance.  

I booked my tattoo appointment - now what happens?
Cecilia Maria Tattoo will contact you requesting more details - size, design vision, placement. Then I design your tattoo following your vision. As we get close to your appointment we'll work together, assuring the design is will become a beautiful tattoo.

What is the legal age to get a tattoo?

You may be too young but you are never too old to get a tattoo!

18 + years of age is the legal age to get a tattoo in Ohio without parental consent.

Please note if you are taking any blood thinners they may cause an increased risk of bruising and tattoo ink bloom. It is not advisable to get a tattoo while taking these medications. If possible, completely avoid these medications 1 week before and after your tattoo session. Discuss with your physician before discontinuing your medications. 


3D Areola Tattooing: Terri Lively : Certificate ID: xta88t0cip

Art of Camouflage: Acne & Stretch Marks: Jody Stoski

Art of Camouflage: Scars, Burns and Skin Grafts: Jody Stoski

Aesthetic Accreditation Institute: Skin Anatomy & Physiology 

Pain Control Safety and Effectiveness: Linda H Dixon MD


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