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What is mindful tattooing?

Mindful tattooing is acknowledging that tattooing has aspects that go deeper than the image. Your tattoo can beautifully celebrate and commemorate the journey of your life and be use as a point of personal transition and interpersonal expression.

Your tattoo is not only a physical imprint but also an energetic imprint. I work with an awareness of all the aspects of tattooing and I bring this knowledge into your tattooing service.

Tattoo placement is usually determined by where the image looks best. There can be other decision factors and consideration of these can enhance your tattoo experience.

The following are a sample of traditional tattoo placements.

Tattoos that reflect how you feel about the now and what you are drawn to are placed on the right side of the body.

Tattoos placed on the left side of the body connect to your intuitive side.

Tattoos on the front of your body reflect how you want to be perceived and what you are moving towards in your life.

Tattoos on the back of the body reflect from where and what you have draw strength in your past.

Your wrist is the place for tattoos for contemplation and acceptance and an excellent place for personal talismans.

Colors can be used to evoke an emotional response on a very deep level. Mindful tattooing encourages us to consider which color choices would best serve you.

We will also consider image symbolism when creating your tattoo design. Images have tremendous cultural, traditional and personal power and we can use this power in your tattoo.

Mindful tattooing is a practice beyond personal adornment, and if you're not into this sort of thing, the consideration that goes into your tattoo will still be a benefit.

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